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Your Flipped Story

Many who visit this site are experiencing what we call a “Flipped” life story. It’s when your life has been completely altered by tragedy in some way, shape or form. Tragedy can be a life-threatening disability, severe injury, a serious illness, or some other kind of event that turns your life upside down.

We've been there

We know how it feels to have your life turned upside down in an unimaginable way. During an icy day in the winter of 2009, our friend Tommy Van Zandt fell from a 15-foot ladder as he was trimming tree branches after a storm. Not knowing if he would live or die, Tommy prayed he would have a chance to see his wife and sons face-to-face before he passed.



Today, Tommy, his wife Robyn and many of their friends and loved ones use this story to share how God allowed him to survive, and then to thrive from such a life-threatening fall. We are driven by the belief that all lives are a powerful gift from God and that a life of tragedy can be the beginning of a deeper relationship with God that leads to a more purposeful life.

And now, we want to show you there is a way to experience true joy and triumph amidst the darkest seasons of tragedy.

We hope this site is a blessing to you.

FlippedStory.com is an online resource designed just for you. From our book to the growing list of practical resources and blog posts found on this site, you and your family are the reason we exist.

As FlippedStory.com expands, you will find these helpful tools:

  • Information about the book Flipped that tells the story of triumph over tragedy in the lives of Tommy and Robyn Van Zandt, their family, friends and or extended community.
  • A growing list of practical resources that will help you and your family navigate life immediately after a sudden life-altering injury or illness, as well as in the years to come,
  • A Facebook group where you can converse and find encouragement amongst others who are also trying to triumph over tragedy,
  • Downloadable resources that will guide and encourage you through your journey.

No matter what type of tragedy you face — no matter what form of paralysis is taking a grip on you physically, emotionally, or spiritually — we hope this book, website, and its resources will give you the courage to live in the grace and joy of God.

We invite you to join us and grow through your “Flipped Story.”

To learn more about Tommy's story and how you can Live and Thrive with Tragedy, please watch our video.