Does Tommy have a social life? (another common question)

This is another question that I often get asked about life after my accident. The question is, do I have a social life?

The answer is, absolutely! I love being around people very much. Other than work interaction with employees and partners during the day, I enjoy gathering with friends and family in our home. Robyn and I love to be out on our back deck with friends, food and beverages.  We also go to friends’ homes and to restaurants. After being out, It takes about two hours getting me in bed, respiratory done and lights off. Sometimes that can make for a long night.

I attend one or two Razorback football games a year due to the gracious invitation of friends allowing me to use a few seats in their box. Hog basketball games are much more difficult. Handicap seating is very limited and cumbersome as well as parking. All of this may sound fun but finding available handicap parking within a reasonable distance to a stadium is hard on the caregiver.

All outings are somewhat dictated by weather conditions. Rain and my ventilator don’t work well together. My body temperature is usually a few degrees below normal therefore making me feel cold most of the time. Winter weather and long-distance rides in the wheelchair are not my favorite.

We are so blessed to live in Northwest Arkansas!  Robyn and I enjoy drives in the surrounding mountains and wilderness areas.  Eating at obscure food joints along the way.

Every year, I attend the Bert Kell campout on the Buffalo River. I stay in a cabin but all other folks (most are old college buddies) are truly staying in tents and enduring the elements, good or bad.  I spend all day at the campsite and well into the evening sitting around the fire telling the same old stories every year. It is especially fun when our sons, Ross and Jack, join us and bring their friends!

2 thoughts on “Does Tommy have a social life? (another common question)

  1. Margaret Mathison

    You’re an amazing man Tommy. David and Theresa Roth are my sister and Brother-in law and they have shared your story with me through the years. I learned a whole lot more after reading Flipped. By the way, I’m a Case Manager at a local hospital here in Cartersville, Georgia and appreciate greatly all of the difficulties you and your family dealt with regarding any discharge planning issues. It is truly a nightmare even for those of us experienced in Case Management. I could go on and on as you and your family could as well . Really like the resource section in your book that is available for anyone in your shoes. Gathering those resources is difficult and navigating through them and at the same time dealing with the insurance company. Anyway, I’ve been amazed on how you, your family and your community have rallied together to find solutions then and now, that is what community and family is all about and I loved reading how all of you leaned on the Lord for His comfort and guidance. God bless you and all of your family. I hope to come see Theresa and David sometime this year and would love to meet you.
    Margaret Mathison

    1. Robyn Van Zandt Post author

      We appreciate your feedback on the website. Your experience as a case manager makes it especially valuable to us.


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